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No matter what time pressures I’ve put Ian under, he’s always come through, producing and managing shoots expertly and with a consistently outstanding end product.  More importantly, his knowledge of gin is unparalleled.

Tim Boxall, Account Director, M&C Saatchi


Last minute changes (and there were many) didn't faze Ian's team. Not that I noticed anyway. Whatever we threw at them, and we threw a lot, they made sure that on the day, everything went smoothly. Our many shoots together were always a great success. And a good laugh too.

Jimmy Hunter, Creative Director, CHI & Partners


Great British looked after locations on our 30 second commercial for a high profile Japanese client. The locations were not only perfect and never shot before, but they offered us more shots than we had ever hoped for. Sourced by people who know their stuff!

Kazuma Shinde, Director of Photography, Clover, Japan


Having worked with Poppy last year on a particularly difficult location shoot in Cornwall, I found her to be an utter delight. She met the demands of the job with high professionalism and calmness, installing great confidence in the crew and location owners. I would highly recommend her to other productions and hope to work with her again in the future.

Karl Richards, Producer, Entertainment Motion Pictures


Ian S is a great host, cheerful, accommodating, attentive and is able to fix a great cup of tea. 

Sir Terry O'Neil, Photographer


Ian S isn't just Mr Fix-It, he's Mr Create-It too. A man you'd do anything to help, and you know he'd do anything he could to help you too. If you ever need anything, absolutely anything photography related doing or acquiring Mr Simpson is your man. You can rely on Ian if you need someone to be creative, and generate ideas. A pleasure to deal with every time.

Sophia Smith, Consultant Director


Never have I felt so at home in Ian S’s care, no job too small, all the less obvious issues taken care of, he always goes that extra mile to make our time away from home easier and less stressful. The catering was a delight also. Our journey to Manchester is now something to look forward to.

Emily Waring, Synergy Sponsorship


Sid is a creative, talented and focused individual. We have worked together on a few projects now. He knows what he wants and what he needs, but more importantly he knows how to express that passionately and precisely within a team, gaining respect from any who work with him. He will always listen to others opinions, personally help wherever he can and despite being at the top, isn't afraid to make a great brew! I will definitely and gladly work with Sid again in the future.

Aidan Belizaire, Creative Director, Footlong Films


Karen took care of our catalogue shoots in Mallorca and London.  For Mallorca she sourced local production and liaised with them to co-ordinate the whole shoot including handling all the travel arrangements.  For the London shoots she sourced and booked all the locations, booked the team where required, organised the catering and took care of all the details herself and everything went without a hitch.  I've also worked with her on celebrity brand ambassador shoots on a closed set where she also co-ordinated everything and and handled all the liaison with the client and agents.  She's a bright, sunny personality who's really easy to work with and I'd definitely recommend her for any aspect of production.

Kate Goode, Art Director


Apart from Karen's enthusiasm (which is second to none), her knowledge of all aspects of the production industry is amazing. From boats on the med, to farms in the out-back, Karen can organise anywhere you would like to shoot... and always within a realistic budget. She has produced many of my fashion shoots around the world, finding locations that match the mood boards perfectly. She has a creative eye as well as superb production skills, which means you can get on and do your job while Karen and her team organise everything else to get the job done.

Louise Bader Morrison, Art Director


Imogen is a fabulous producer in every sense of the word. The shoots she creates for me are always a breeze to work in and a pleasure to be at. I could not recommend her more highly.

Thomas Birkett, Photographer, Mallinsons


Imogen is wonderful to work with.. she has great energy even in the toughest of environments and always pulls together shoots with the highest degree of efficiency and organisation. I really would recommend working with her.

David Brook, Photographer


I had the pleasure of working with Philippa on a very intense, two-day shoot in Scotland. As our local producer, she worked wonders securing everything we needed in short order, from finding a replacement for our main camera, to transport to comms. Her expertise, calm demeanour and positive attitude was key to making our shoot a success. I couldn't recommend her more.

Anthony Lappe, Producer, Radical Media New York.


Pip is an excellent PM: resourceful and proactive. She creates a good team vibe, while knowing when to be tough; she's calm under pressure and can always come up with a Plan B, and she keeps a close eye on the budget while understanding the needs of production. I've greatly enjoyed working with her and would happily do so again. She's also a mean voice-over artist!

Colin Cameron, Series Producer