The Great British Production Company is made up of a group of experts that sets out to make your shoot nothing short of a splendid success. We formed in 2012, but have decades of experience behind us – we’re actually among the best shoot producers and location managers in the UK. We have access to more people, places, props and wot-nots than you could ever dream of. Because we have local experts we can do things quicker and cheaper. Hooray!

Who Are We? Here we all are, all present and correct. Click on a pic and hover to read more. We are a group of highly experienced and accomplished photographic and motion production professionals with a gazillion years of experience between us. Some of us are ex-BBC while others have earned their stripes in other arenas. Either way please be assured we do not rest until your shoot is better than you could ever having imagined – just ask our clients who keep coming back for more.

"Great British looked after locations on our 30 second commercial for a high profile Japanese client. The locations were not only perfect and never shot before, but they offered us more shots than we had ever hoped for. Sourced by people who know their stuff!" - Kazuma Shinde, Director, Japan