Shooting in the UK can be thoroughly rewarding. Britain is famous for its stunning countryside, beautiful cities, towns and villages and its c.12,000 miles of coastline, all within easy reach. It is of course steeped in history, yet is a world leader in contemporary architecture and culture. The UK has some of THE BEST production talent in the world. We have all the equipment and technical know-how. The weather is much better than you might think. So is the food these days! GBPC producers and location managers all live in the areas in which they operate, so if you use us (you know you want to) we can bring you all the best bits in an extremely cost effective manner. 

For those of you in London tentatively dipping your toe beyond the M25 you'll know how difficult it can be to find the best people out there in the sticks. Fear not, we've done all the tracking down and vetting, and can give you the best teams around the country.