Charge!!! 2014 Here We Come

Welcome back! We start the year with some fantastic new additions to our locations database courtesy of our location partners. Take a peek...

News Just In... We Now Have News

Now that we're up and running we thought we'd introduce a news page which is a little more interesting than the general twitterings found on the social links we already have. Here we will attempt to give you a bit more info about what we're doing, and we'll also highlight new work as it comes in.

We thought we'd start off by outlining a recent reccie for a Japanese client we undertook in Islay. A fabulous island off the west coast of scotland full to brimming with whisky and wonderful locations. Not to mention the islanders, who were to a man, woman and child among the most firendly and helpful people you're likely to meet. Here are a few of the shots which are now scattered across the Location Ideas section of this site.