Rough And Ready!

We've been recently scouting some more rough and ready locations that would provide the ideal backdrop for an autumn winter fashion story.


As a company we now have a number of car shoots under our belt, working with our car specialist John, and other specialists we have recently produced shoots for Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Vauxhall and VW. John has a zillion years of experience behind him in cars, and we as a production company boast some of the best production experience in the UK. 

We can take you to some of the most iconic roads in the UK, as well as much more discreet and secret spots across SCOTLAND, ENGLAND and WALES. 

Because of our structure, we can bring you super speedy service, quick turnarounds and competitive prices. Send us your brief and we'll prove it!! 

 Images by Mark Bramley

Images by Mark Bramley

How To Frame Your Dragon!

Wales has without doubt some of the most dramatic landscape in the UK, and some of the most unusual and interesting architecture. Not to mention the myriad of forgotten corners, hitherto untouched by production kind! Here is a small selection of some of our recent wanderings across this diverse and welcoming land. Not far from London and the other production bases of Manchester, Bristol and of course Cardiff - Wales can offer much of what Scotland has to offer, only without burning a hole in your budget!

Country Best

Another lovely shoot for those fine folk of German Elle... Shot with Poppy down in the west country.

Seen To Be Green

If you go down to the woods today... some more lovely shots by the ELLE team, this time deep in the forests of Wales! 

Coats d'Azur

The lovely team from ELLE Germany visited the beautiful Devon shores this summer to shoot a number of stories including this excellent set by Carl Bengtsson. We looked after the team while they were here, provided local production facilities, transport, crew and of course... locations.

Canon Can!

We were commissioned by Don Productions in London to source, secure and manage all locations and unit bases for this fabulous EOS 70D ad shot over 4 days in Scotland. We had a great time and loved working with the teams from Japan and the UK.

Charge!!! 2014 Here We Come

Welcome back! We start the year with some fantastic new additions to our locations database courtesy of our location partners. Take a peek...

Missoni on the Rocks

Our lady in the south west of England, Poppy, scouted and line-produced the latest Missoni A/W advertising stills shoot, shot in her native Cornwall at the start of the summer. Much to the astonishment of the Italian clients and photographer, all of our four seasons were repsresented at one point or another over the course of the two day shoot! But I think you'll agree the shots look amazing...

webbage 0-3.jpg
webbage 02.jpg

The Road to Success!

Our roads portfolio is steadily growing with these great new shots just in from our scout Kirsty. Check out the roads section on the location ideas drop-down and you'll see we now have a great diversity of fantastic roads around the UK. So if you're looking for car ads, road-trip photography or just fancy a pootle around the country on a Sunday afternoon... we can help.

Untitled_Panorama1 72dpi-1SM.jpg
Untitled_Panorama6 72dpism.jpg
Untitled_Panorama7 72dpism.jpg

News Just In... We Now Have News

Now that we're up and running we thought we'd introduce a news page which is a little more interesting than the general twitterings found on the social links we already have. Here we will attempt to give you a bit more info about what we're doing, and we'll also highlight new work as it comes in.

We thought we'd start off by outlining a recent reccie for a Japanese client we undertook in Islay. A fabulous island off the west coast of scotland full to brimming with whisky and wonderful locations. Not to mention the islanders, who were to a man, woman and child among the most firendly and helpful people you're likely to meet. Here are a few of the shots which are now scattered across the Location Ideas section of this site.